Booking&Prices – Thank you for visiting our site!

It is our aim to make your holiday in our beautiful country an unforgettable experience. We attach great importance to a safe, uncomplicated and smooth running of your most beautiful days of the year. And this starts right here on our website. Here under “booking&prices” we explain how our prices are composed and how you can book a trip with us.

In particular, you can not book “by accident” with us. No matter where you are click with the mouse, our bookings are always made by email and after consultation! (Except, of course, you personally visit our agency in Luxor and order your trip by a nice cup of tea – you are always welcome.)

So you can explore completely without fear and sure everything, with us you do not buy anything without contacting by e-mail.

We will take care of you from the moment you landed in Egypt, either in Cairo or when you arrive at Hurghada or Luxor airport. Of course you can also contact us if you do not know how and where to book your flight or how to find a cheap flight.

As a matter of course, we also offer all our excursions to guests who do not wish to book their accommodation with our agency.


Our prices are generally in the local currency

Egyptian Pounds (LE)”

and therefore may fluctuate depending on the exchange rate. You can find out the current status from the Internet, for example at

At the moment, you get about 20 LE for 1 €, for a $ about 18 LE and for a £ about 23 LE.

Some of our partners do NOT calculate their services in Egyptian pounds. In this case, the description of our offers will explicitly indicate this.

Composition of our prices

Because our offers are very individual, our prices are also individual. Our prices are made up of

  • transport costs within Egypt
  • the cost of catering (full board, half board, self catering)
  • the cost of your guide, who will tell you the sights
  • the entrance tickets of the visited sights
  • eventual hotel costs for overnight stays on trips lasting more than one day and by bus or car and
  • the cost of a transfer by boat, if an island visit is included in your excursion program.

So there is no hidden additional cost to come during the trips to you. We do not carry “bakschisch-cashboxes”. If an Egyptian child with huge eyes is trying to sell you a souvenir during your trip, it is up to you to decide if you want to go there. However, our tour guide will always make sure that such incidents do not turn into nuisances.

Prices on our website

In order to give you an approximate indication of the cost, we have set the prices for all our offers for…

  • on adult or
  • two adults
  • in high season
  • with full board and
  • transport by car

Services with a fixed price (such as apartment cleaning or shopping for you) are always indicated as such. And if you want to have something that is not in our website, do not hesitate to ask us.

How to book with us?

If you want to book with us or just want a price information, simply use the contact form and send us an e-mail.

When we receive your e-mail, we will send you the information or booking confirmation. You pay before you commence your tour in cash in Egyptian Pounds (LE) in our agency. The payment must be made not later than two days before the start of the trip, otherwise the booking will be forfeited.