Special events

Our  special events:

With our special events, we are expanding our offer for your holiday design with a few very special delicacies, which might not necessarily be immediately connected with the “classical Egypt trip”.

If you are in Egypt for the first time, you will surely have a handful of sightseeing all the world famous monuments of this fascinating country. But our agency offers you even more. On this part of our website we have summarized all the things that are “falling down” at most of the package tour operators.

Let your acquaintances and relatives marvel at what you have experienced in our wonderful country, or that you have visited places and seen things that package holidaymakers only get to see rarely.

Our offers always include transport from your accommodation to the venue and back. In this sense, enjoy the surfing!

Sunset On the west bank of Luxor
Balloon flight over the Luxor Temples
A night at camp fire in the desert
Quad Safari – Traveling by motorbike through the desert
desert Safari to an oasis
Spiritual seclusion in special places
Egypt close up as a guest of an Egyptian family
Egypt Close up as a guest at an Egyptian wedding
Horse-drawn carriage through Luxor-East
With the horse or the dromedary through the West Bank
Individual support for individual wishes