Package Southern Egypt – from Luxor to Aswan

Luxor bis Assuan Bild 1Our package Luxor to Aswan:

In this package we will take you from Luxor to the south of Egypt via Esna, Edfu, Kom Ombo to Aswan.

Explore the south of Egypt in peace.

Notes: If you do not wish to visit the temples between Luxor and Aswan, simply book our “Aswan” excursion.

What sights do you visit?

The package includes visits to the following sites:

  1. The Temple of Esna
  2. The Temple of Edfu
  3. The double temple of Kom Ombo
How long are you traveling?

For this package, we have scheduled a full day on a trip on the road and three full days on a Nile cruise. You will be driving about 410 kilometers. The trip is from / to Luxor. The stay in Aswan is the basis for your excursions. Your travel time can therefore be extended accordingly, depending on how many trips you plan to visit in Aswan.

You can either arrange these excursions in Aswan either individually or by using one of our following packages:

  1. Aswan – 3 excursions (1 day additional)
  2. Aswan – 6 excursions (1,5 days additional)
  3. Aswan – Total (2 days additional)

Notes: If you are already in Aswan, take a look at our offer for a day trip to Abu Simbel. It is worth it !

What types of transport do we offer you?

For the package you can choose between traveling on the road (car, van or bus) and trip on the Nile (Feluka, mid-class ship, luxury class ship).

Booking-ID:  P0030,  Price examples:

  • 1 adult (high season/full board/car) : a total of  1.878 LE
  • 2 adults (high season/full board/car):   a total of  2.258 LE