Excursions in Luxor East – The Luxor Museum

Luxor-Museum Bild 1The Luxor Museum houses exhibits from the Thebes West region and the surroundings of Luxor. Among them are the tomb deposits of the royal tombs in the Valley of the Kings, also from the tomb of Tutankhun Amun. The reconstruction of an 18-meter-long wall from the reign of Echn’Aton, whose remains were used after the end of his reign as a filling material for a pylon in Karnak. On it are rare scenes from the life of the royal family from this time to see.

More informations about this place can be found at Wikipedia.

Distance from Luxor-Westbank:

Road:  about 45 minutes

Booking:  L0083, Price examples:

  • 1 adult (high season/full board/car) : a total of 855 LE
  • 2 adults (high season/full board/car):   a total of 1.055 LE

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