Individual support for individual wishes

(Almost) nothing is impossible and to ask is for free with us:

At the end of our list of special events, we would like to make you an offer that is so wide that it can not be combined into a “bookable event”. That is why there is no booking number and no “price” for this offer.

We would like to offer you the possibility to advise you (if possible) in any possible way related to Luxor or Egypt as your whereabouts.

In this sense, we can not promiss you that your wishes are fulfilled. But we can assure you that we support you as much as we can and also that we are well prepared for such individual support.

Here are three examples:

Overwinter in Luxor for retirees

Are you a retiree and have enough from full of wet, windy, gray and cold winters in Europe? Have you often played with the idea of coming out of your circumstances for a few months? Spain or Italy have now become quite expensive and the weather in Bulgaria or Romania is now not necessarily quiet good.

Why not try it with Luxor? The weather is reliable, the life is very cheap, the infrastructure such as water, electricity and Internet are reliable.

A short calculation:

A well equipped two-bedroom apartment with air conditioning on the west bank near shops and the Nile you get inclusive electricity, water and internet for 4.000 LE per month without problems. If you schedule 6.000 LE for your daily life, you are also on the safe side. This will lead you to 10.000 LE per month. The current price for the Egyptian pound is 500 €. For the money you get in Germany in most cities not even a warm apartment.

Depending on the season, some airlines offer a non-stop flight to Hurghada already for under 100 euros. Our agency can pick you up from there for about 70 € (depending on the exchange rate) with a car in 4 hours to Luxor. The journey to Luxor is therefore possible for less than 200 €.

Just come for 3 or 4 weeks to try it out. We are happy to advise you.

Land and real estate acquisition in Luxor

Our agency can not only provide you with excursions and events. We also provide living space. And, of course, you can rent this living space not only for a holiday stay. We also arrange the acquisition of real estate and land ownership. If you would like to play with the idea and would like to have a consultation about it, please feel free to contact us or browse our website “” in our sales offers.

Visit of special archaeological sites

If your interest in Egyptian archaeological sites goes beyond the average tourist level and you like to visit places or learn more about historical connections that are not possible during a package tour – please contact us.

For example, you have read on the web or from the newspaper of excavations you would like to visit? For example, the latest discoveries in Abydos with over 4500 years old building tests from the Neolithic period? Or the excavations in the temple of Amenophis III behind the colossi of Memnon, in which a German archaeologist team has repeatedly spoiled the press with spectacular finds?

Our agency has many contacts in Luxor. Contact us. More than that we can not help can not happen to you.