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Our events – Guest at an Egyptian wedding:

Contrary to what one might imagine, the life of the ordinary people in Luxor is not only laborious and monotonous. Of course there are also reasons to celebrate on the west bank. And Egyptians can celebrate!

HochzeitWe cordially invite you to be a guest at a real Egyptian wedding celebration. Be sure the celebration does not take place because you are coming. All the more you will be amazed at the hospitality and the naturalness of the celebration.

Enjoy Arabic music, cheerful people, dancing children and get involved in conversations. It will be fun and you will learn to see Egypt with different eyes.

Duration: As required two to three hours in the evening

Location Luxor-West

Booking-ID:  L0074,    Price examples:

  • 1 adult (high season/full board/car) : a total of  200 LE
  • 2 adults (high season/full board/car):   a total of  300 LE

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