Excursions in Aswan – Unfinished Obelisk

Obelisk Bild 1Unfinished Obelisk: In Aswan, one finds the quarries from the Rosengranite, from which many statues and cult objects were made in ancient Egyptian buildings. In the northern part of the quarries there is a half-finished obelisk of 4 * 4 ‘meters and a length of more than 41 meters. A long crack in the stone was probably the reason for the demolition of the works. In the event of its completion, the largest obelisk of antiquity with a weight of well over 1000 tons would have originated.

More informations about this place can be found at Wikipedia.

Important Note:

The transfer is from / to Aswan. If you are interested, please book before the trip Luxor / Aswan / Luxor or the adventure package “southern Egypt – from Luxor to Aswan”.

We recommend the visit 1 hour. All in all, you can plan for an excursion from Aswan about 1.5 hours.

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  • 1 adult (high season/full board/car) : a total of  747 LE
  • 2 adults (high season/full board/car):   a total of 907 LE

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