Excursions in Aswan – Elephantine Island

Elephantine Bild 1The city of Aswan is situated in the first Nile Cataclysm, the island of Elephantine, which probably owes its name to the ivory trade practiced here earlier (“Abu” means elephant). Here you will find the ruined remains of ancient Egyptian temples, the Nilometer already described in Roman times and rebuilt in 1870. The picturesque, palm-rich island has a size of 1500 by 500 meters and is very popular with tourists.

More informations about this place can be found at Wikipedia.

Important Note:

The transfer is from / to Aswan. If you are interested, please book before the trip Luxor / Aswan / Luxor or the adventure package “southern Egypt – from Luxor to Aswan”.

The trip to the island includes a small boost trip to the island. We recommend for the visit 2 hours. All in all, you can spend about 3 hours on your trip from Aswan. Elephantine also houses the Aswan Museum.

Booking-ID:  L0018,  Price examples:

  • 1 adult (high season/full board/car) : a total of  785 LE
  • 2 adults (high season/full board/car):   a total of 920 LE

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