Excursions in Aswan – The Old-Cataract Hotel

Assuan - Old-Cataract-Hotel (Bild 1)Across from the rock tombs and the islands of Kitchener and Elephantine, in December 1899 the luxury hotel Old-Cataract was built in a Victorian style. Like the Winter Palace Hotel in Luxor, the novel “Tod am Nil” was also filmed in this hotel. The Old-Cataract Hotel also housed state presidents, kings and celebrities. Who was allowed to enjoy a  sunset on the terraces of this hotel with a cup of tea and the view of Aswan will not forget so quickly.

The Old-Cataract Hotel is a very luxurious place. As a rule our guests are there to enjoy the sunset on the terrace. However, if you are interested in one or more overnight stays, do not hesitate to contact us.

More informations about this place can be found at Wikipedia.

Important Note:

The transfer is from / to Aswan. If you are interested, please book before the trip Luxor / Aswan / Luxor or the adventure package “southern Egypt – from Luxor to Aswan”.

The Old Cataract Hotel serves us as a “point zero” for measuring the distance of all the excursions in Aswan. All excursions are charged from and to here. This allows you to enjoy the incomparable atmosphere of the complex after each trip.

We recommend for an hour at sunset on the Nile Terrace with a cup of tea. The offer does NOT include a hotel stay with rooms.

Booking-ID:  L0012,   Prices depend on the selected consumption

Assuan - Old-Cataract-Hotel (Bild 2)Assuan - Old-Cataract-Hotel (Bild 3)