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Welcome to the homepage of Egypt Travel-Luxor, THE organizer for your individual holiday in Egypt. With us you will find an Egyptian well educated and licensed tour guide and a local housing agency with many years of experience in one hand. By many good contacts, we can offer you a safe, inexpensive holiday tailored to your individual needs, which differs significantly from the packages offered by foreign providers.

Hello! I am Mostafa El-Tayib.

I am 37 years old, Egyptian and I live in LuxorAs an operator of a rental agency and as a state licensed tourist guide with appropriate training, I have been working for many years in tourism. Ägypten - Mostafa El TayibApart from package holidays, our agency has specialized in offering guests from all over the world an individual, unforgettable holiday according to your wishes. I cordially invite you to experience the real Egypt. We offer you not only excursions to a centuries old culture, but our special events also insights into today’s Egypt and the life of the population and in one of the most beautiful landscapes. Sunsets over the Nile, nights at camp fire in the desert, all this will draw you in the spell

A few open Words to Egypt

In recent years, my country has left behind a turbulent past. The political upheavals between January 2011 and the election of our present President Abd al-Fattah as-Sisi in May 2014 have probably not passed to many Egyptian without changings.

What hit Egypt the most was the slump in the tourism sector and so many visitors to my website will probably ask themselves whether a holiday in Egypt is safe.

Egypt is the longest-existing state in the world, and the only country in the region to emerge from the period after the “Arab Spring” as a functioning state. The Egyptian national feeling is supported by pride and hospitality. Of course, there is no hundred percent security, just like in Spain, Belgium, France, Norway, Turkey, Sweden and Germany, but I can tell you that our country has, besides its hospitality, very important other and comprehensible reasons to hold the safety of the tourists in our country at the highest possible level. I can also tell you that I am very familiar with the situation in my country. In my hometown Luxor, you can move – regardless of whether you are a woman or a man – at any time of the day or night. Our excursions always take into account the highest possible safety. You can rely on the fact that if necessary, I will give you a reliable advice on the degree of security of your trip. In addition, excursions are officially announced with the appropriate decision of the Egyptian authorities and, if necessary, accompanied by security forces. Of course, all safety precautions are free of charge. I ask you not to conclude from my words that you can not move in Egypt without armed protection. The measures to be taken for your protection in my country can be found in Europe, just like or comparable.

It is understandable to me that in European news Egypt is often mentioned only when there are negative headlines. In my country too, positive news from other countries would be less frequently received than terrorist attacks on European christmas markets.

But this comprehensible one-sidedness distorts the picture. Since you are on my website, I am assuming that Egypt as a destination is of interest to you, especially since a holiday in my country is currently unbeatable cheap for Europeans. My request therefore:

Do not let the unresting times of our world pass through an unforgettable, fascinating and, in my opinion, a very safe holiday. Experience Egypt and give my country a chance to welcome you as a guest.

The structure of my website

On each of our web pages, you will find a menu guide at the top and at the bottom.

  • The top menu bar will guide you through all areas of our offers.
  • The bottom menu bar allows you to contact my agency in a variety of ways (Facebook, Twitter, email, comments).

The Areas of our offers are:

  1. This “Home” – Page
  2. The “Service” section covers all our offers, which cover arrival and departure and all means of transport within Egypt (assistance with visa issuance, shuttle service to the airport, description of our ships, vans and cars etc.).
  3. The menu item “Housing” will take you to the homepage of our agency for accommodation in Luxor. Choose from over 100 different accommodation options in Luxor – from small studios to large multi-room villas.
  4. The “Comfort” area covers all our offers for the duration of your stay (purchase, staff, cleaning, etc.).
  5. Under the menu item “Trips“, you will find a list of all the excursion destinations in Egypt, each one with a description and bookable.
  6. If it is not comfortable for you to assemble so many destinations, we have summarized the trips that we think they fit together in the menu item “Packages“. These packages are also bookable individually or in combination.
  7. Under “Events” you will find offers that will not lead you to a classic excursion destination but to special experiences, such as a night in the desert under stars at the camp fire.
  8. Our “Booking&Prices” page gives you all the informations about the composition and currency of our prices and also tells you how to book a trip with us.

Finally, a small note: Our visitors are welcome to leave a comment. If you would like to comment on something, use the last symbol in the lower menu bar.

I am looking forward to your visit and wish you much fun while browsing on my web page.

Your Mostafa El-Tayib